Monday, October 19, 2009

Just to good to be true.....

Everything here is really too good to Believe. Every night when the sun sets we think that was the best we have ever seen....until it comes back up in the morning.
Then it pours rain for an hour or so, then sunshine again!
The temperature has been holding steadily between about 72 to 85, day and night, for the 3 months we have been here.
Lots of fiestas with the local people, and a great rodeo last night. Great food (Dinner of rice, tortillas, and delicious pork ribs cost us $1.70 each US, and the ice-cold beers were about .90 cents US.)

Our internet business is picking up well...We're getting several orders per week, which is more than enough income to be totally comfortable.

Miss the family but not the country....
steve & bernie

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