Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally the countdown...

Bernie and I are leaving in August for San Jose, Costa Rica. I have an acquaintance at Lake Arenal who will be picking us up at the airport and helping us find a place to stay. I don't know for sure what we will do to earn a living yet. We have to get there first and "take the temperature" business-wise before choosing a route. We are really going on a "Wing and a Prayer"...But we need to get to a place where we aren't totally stressed out all the time, and where we can live on fresh natural food. We have become way too toxic from the food here in the US, we are way too stressed out, too taxed, to controlled, and just sick of what has happened to the country I have grown up in and enjoyed for the past 60 years. We both turned 60 this year, and are starting to realize that without health all the wealth in the world means nothing....While with great health, anything is possible. We are trading everything in on the health equation.

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